Saturday, August 22, 2015

5+1 ways to Do Organic Video Marketing

Organic video marketing has been the biggest concern of today’s marketing sphere where most of the marketers believe in social marketing. According to Social Media Examiner (, 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing. Though the organic video marketing costs you more time and patience, it pays you enduring result.

Several marketers have equipped themselves with so many tricky and wrong video marketing tactics and methodologies. But, they do not stay by the side of marketers next morning. Thus, flipping towards the organic methodologies is the one which matters a lot in terms of SEO as well. While multiplying the visibility, it creates the powerful brand recognition and loyalty along with total conversions of viewers into the loyal customers.

    What do you get in Organic Video Marketing?
    Real and organic viewing
    Multiplied viewing base
    High retention value
    More SEO value
    Channel authenticity
    Branding, brand loyalty and endorsement
    Affordable marketing tools

Organic methodologies of promoting your videos enrich the video watching experiences of your viewers. Similarly, it assists you to knit huge clientele of global viewers with the stories that you have shared. The following steps help to do the video marketing in complete organic methodologies.

    Bring the compelling story to share:

If you share a compelling story to your viewers, they tend to stay more engaging. Don’t take it literally; bring some quality contents for your viewers. If you have SEO packed content or highly optimized content in terms of searching terms for your video, they stay engaging. A video should not be laden with advertiser’s tones and voices.

    Optimize each corner of the video:

Optimization of each element drives more traffic to your video. Optimize the elements like title, tags, description and more. Start with hooking and keyword-packed headline to make it more discoverable in YouTube and search engines like Google. Properly written description content with contact details make viewers to ring you sooner. Similarly, annotations over the video help them to either subscribe or go for another video. Placing of the handy social plugins underneath your video and optimization of the video tags earn more SEO value for sure.


This is the vital act of video promotion where you can share your videos over the leading social networks which bring organic viewing experiences. Similarly, you can share your videos among the YouTube communities for more visibilities. Viral email campaigning and embedding your videos on several websites or blogs help you share.

Likewise, you can even request your family and friends to watch your videos. Right after the sharing with them, connect them with regular bulletins and updates which keep them engaging to you.

    YouTube advertiser:

This tool of YouTube platform helps you to promote your videos. YouTube believes that it has got all kinds of audiences for any kind of enterprise that you expose to the world. This tool provides the right market for your videos.

    Stay Consistent:

If you keep publishing your videos, your viewers get the sense of authenticity over the publisher. While publishing the video, you have to stay like human. If you keep providing quality videos, your viewers stay engaging and interactive to your channel.

    Stay engaging:

When you are up for the video marketing, you have to make viewers engaging. Making playlist of your video helps you to make your viewers engaging because it lets them to stay watching on your videos. Similarly, hosting contests among your viewers or subscribers and video comments or responses help you make your viewers more interactive.

Thus, these 6 simple steps help you to do the video marketing with absolutely organic result. These methods work for the better SEO value as well. Do you know one thing? If you have more viewing basis, those videos tend to get more exposure for sure. Then, why don’t you try these ideas?

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