Monday, September 21, 2015

Lord Ashcroft 'not settling scores' with David Cameron book

Ex-Conservative Party treasurer Lord Ashcroft says his new book about David Cameron is "not about settling scores".
The unauthorised biography, serialised in the Daily Mail, includes allegations about the PM's student days.
The former Tory donor admitted to having personal "beef" with the prime minister after not being offered a major job in the coalition government.
The prime minister's spokeswoman said she did "not see the need to dignify the book by offering any comment".
"The author has set out his reasons for writing it," she added.

'Raw revenge'

In the book, Lord Ashcroft, who donated millions of pounds to help the Conservatives fight marginal seats, says Mr Cameron was aware of his non-domiciled tax status, which was heavily criticised by Labour, in 2009.
The following year Lord Ashcroft released a statement confirming he was a "non-dom", a status he gave up in order to remain in the Lords.
The book also includes allegations of drug-taking and an initiation ceremony Mr Cameron is said, by an unnamed source, to have taken part in, involving a dead pig.
But sources said Mr Cameron was never a member of the club in question, the Piers Gaveston Society, during his time at Oxford University, BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said.
He added that the as yet unpublished book, Call Me Dave, was "less a story about stupid student pranks, and more a story about raw political revenge".
This was denied by journalist Isabel Oakeshott, who has co-written the book.
She told BBC Radio 4's The World at One: "If this was just a revenge job, Lord Ashcroft and I could have published it before the election."
Ms Oakeshott also said the Piers Gaveston Society did not have a formal membership list, saying "people go along" to society gatherings.

Analysis by Laura Kuenssberg, BBC political editor

Two powerful men need each other, and then one of them becomes more powerful, and doesn't need the other anymore.
The understanding which they had comes to break down, recriminations follow, and sometimes, full throttle revenge.
But the roots of the embarrassment that has sent social media into overdrive in the last day were laid before Twitter was invented.
In fact, the origins of the spectacular parting of ways are 15 years ago.
Read Laura's blog in full

In the preface to his book, Lord Ashcroft says that after David Cameron became PM in 2010, he was offered the job of junior Foreign Office whip.
"After putting my neck on the line for nearly 10 years - both as party treasurer under William Hague and as deputy chairman - and after ploughing some £8m into the party, I regarded this as a declinable offer," he wrote.
"It would have been better had Cameron offered me nothing at all."
But he added: "Despite my disappointment, my new book about Cameron is not about settling scores."

Who is Lord Ashcroft?

  • Ennobled by William Hague in 2000
  • Has been deputy chairman and treasurer of the Conservative Party
  • Donated millions of pounds to the party
  • Gave up his non-domiciled tax status, which had been attacked by rival parties, in 2010
  • Stood down from the House of Lords earlier this year
  • Ranked 74 in the 2015 Sunday Times Rich List

According to Lord Ashcroft's account, Mr Cameron told him Lib Dem leader and former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg had vetoed his appointment to a government role.

'Awkward decisions'

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's The World at One, Mr Clegg said he did not recall being asked.
"I'm now used to Conservatives - they certainly did it for five years - using me as an alibi for awkward decisions that they had to face within their own party and I'm certain they fell into that category," he said.
Lord Ashcroft was deputy chairman during Mr Cameron's period as leader in opposition.
In July 2010, he gave up his non-domiciled tax status to remain in the Lords after a law was passed requiring peers and MPs to be tax resident and domiciled in order to remain in Parliament.
His tax status had long been criticised by his opponents.
Labour's shadow minister Jonathan Ashworth has written to Downing Street asking whether Mr Cameron was, as Lord Ashcroft claims, aware of his tax arrangements in 2009.
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Mr Cameron should "address directly" the claim, describing it as a "serious allegation".
In March Lord Ashcroft said he was stepping down from the House of Lords because he could not devote enough time to it.
In recent years he has built a reputation as an independent pollster.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Riddle: 8 Pills of same size and color

There are 8 pills. They are all of the same size and colour. One pill weighs slightly more and is poisonous. You have a balanced scale and can only use it twice. How can you find the poisonous pill?

Status: Solved

Answer is below:

I take 6 of the pills. I weigh 3 against 3. If the scale is balanced I would weigh the remaining 2 pills I did not pick up against each other and see if one was heavier. If not, I can assume one of the 3v3 sides weighed more. I would take the side that weighed more and take 2 of these pills and test the weight. If one outweighed the other then it was the poisonous pill, if the scale was balanced then the final pill I did not weigh is the poisonous pill.

Riddle: You’re in a room with no windows or doors with answer

You’re in a cement room with no windows or doors. The only thing you have is a mirror and a piece of wood. How do you get out? 

Status: Solved.

Answer is below:

You look in the mirror to see what you “saw”, take the “saw” and cut the piece of wood in half. Put the two halves together to make a “whole”, and then just crawl out through the “whole”.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Minimize Sticky Notes from taskbar to tray

By default Windows's Sticky Notes cannot be minimized to the tray. When I was searching the way to minimize it to tray, I found an utility which would add feature to window's sticky note to minimize it to tray.

About Software:

Name: Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider allows you to recover that lost taskbar space used by the awesome Windows 7 Sticky Notes feature.

With complete functionality like launching on system startup, hotkeys, along with the super easy usability Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider can make your use of Sticky Notes a hell of a lot easier.

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider allows you to easily from hotkeys, or via the system tray icon, show or hide the Sticky Notes item from the taskbar. Other hotkeys allow you to launch Sticky Notes and also bring Sticky Notes to focus.

Direct Download Link (Please report if the link is not working - via comment)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

5+1 ways to Do Organic Video Marketing

Organic video marketing has been the biggest concern of today’s marketing sphere where most of the marketers believe in social marketing. According to Social Media Examiner (, 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing. Though the organic video marketing costs you more time and patience, it pays you enduring result.

Several marketers have equipped themselves with so many tricky and wrong video marketing tactics and methodologies. But, they do not stay by the side of marketers next morning. Thus, flipping towards the organic methodologies is the one which matters a lot in terms of SEO as well. While multiplying the visibility, it creates the powerful brand recognition and loyalty along with total conversions of viewers into the loyal customers.

    What do you get in Organic Video Marketing?
    Real and organic viewing
    Multiplied viewing base
    High retention value
    More SEO value
    Channel authenticity
    Branding, brand loyalty and endorsement
    Affordable marketing tools

Organic methodologies of promoting your videos enrich the video watching experiences of your viewers. Similarly, it assists you to knit huge clientele of global viewers with the stories that you have shared. The following steps help to do the video marketing in complete organic methodologies.

    Bring the compelling story to share:

If you share a compelling story to your viewers, they tend to stay more engaging. Don’t take it literally; bring some quality contents for your viewers. If you have SEO packed content or highly optimized content in terms of searching terms for your video, they stay engaging. A video should not be laden with advertiser’s tones and voices.

    Optimize each corner of the video:

Optimization of each element drives more traffic to your video. Optimize the elements like title, tags, description and more. Start with hooking and keyword-packed headline to make it more discoverable in YouTube and search engines like Google. Properly written description content with contact details make viewers to ring you sooner. Similarly, annotations over the video help them to either subscribe or go for another video. Placing of the handy social plugins underneath your video and optimization of the video tags earn more SEO value for sure.


This is the vital act of video promotion where you can share your videos over the leading social networks which bring organic viewing experiences. Similarly, you can share your videos among the YouTube communities for more visibilities. Viral email campaigning and embedding your videos on several websites or blogs help you share.

Likewise, you can even request your family and friends to watch your videos. Right after the sharing with them, connect them with regular bulletins and updates which keep them engaging to you.

    YouTube advertiser:

This tool of YouTube platform helps you to promote your videos. YouTube believes that it has got all kinds of audiences for any kind of enterprise that you expose to the world. This tool provides the right market for your videos.

    Stay Consistent:

If you keep publishing your videos, your viewers get the sense of authenticity over the publisher. While publishing the video, you have to stay like human. If you keep providing quality videos, your viewers stay engaging and interactive to your channel.

    Stay engaging:

When you are up for the video marketing, you have to make viewers engaging. Making playlist of your video helps you to make your viewers engaging because it lets them to stay watching on your videos. Similarly, hosting contests among your viewers or subscribers and video comments or responses help you make your viewers more interactive.

Thus, these 6 simple steps help you to do the video marketing with absolutely organic result. These methods work for the better SEO value as well. Do you know one thing? If you have more viewing basis, those videos tend to get more exposure for sure. Then, why don’t you try these ideas?

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