Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Riddle: 8 Pills of same size and color

There are 8 pills. They are all of the same size and colour. One pill weighs slightly more and is poisonous. You have a balanced scale and can only use it twice. How can you find the poisonous pill?

Status: Solved

Answer is below:

I take 6 of the pills. I weigh 3 against 3. If the scale is balanced I would weigh the remaining 2 pills I did not pick up against each other and see if one was heavier. If not, I can assume one of the 3v3 sides weighed more. I would take the side that weighed more and take 2 of these pills and test the weight. If one outweighed the other then it was the poisonous pill, if the scale was balanced then the final pill I did not weigh is the poisonous pill.

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